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Blackwater Rafting and Glowworms

Posted by admin On June - 18 - 2006

ince I am in New Zealand I wish to visit the Waitomo Caves (www.waitomocaves.co.nz). That are diffrent underground caves near Waitomo on the north island. Waitomo means ‘water entering a hole in the ground’. The caves are an ancient labyrith made of limestone. In this caves you made a little boat ride and watch the spectacular Glowworm Grotto. The Glowworms are in fact little larvae who hanging on the roof of the caves surrounded of lines with sticky substances. On this lines the insects were traped and then devoured by the larvae. The brighter the larvae glows the hungrier it is. The live as larvae is about 9 month then it will become a pupa for 13 days and finally the adult fly. The adult glowworms looking like moskitos. They have no mouth so their only function is to reproduce and disperse the species. Adult glowworms live no longer than a few days. The New Zealand glowworm species is the blue glowing Arachnocampa Luminosa. Its beautiful to watch, millions of glowworms in the caves looking like stars on the night sky. Unfortunally taking photographs was forbidden but in a secret moment I took at least a picture of the limestone stalactites and stalagmites. Later on we have done the legendary New Zealand black water rafting through the cave system were you sit on a inner tube and flow into the underground labyrinth. Before you will get a wetsuit and a helmet with light on. This was a really unique experience because this day it rains heavy and outside I measure 4°C. The wetsuit were icecold and wet…It was so freezing. But anyway I have done it and it was great. After all we took a hot shower and eat a hot tomato soup and a bagel on a nice fire place inside. Russell and I were lucky because today was sunday roast day and we went to mandy´s place for dinner and a dvd (Wedding Crashers).

This is what I saw on the way to the Waitomo Caves. A funny kiwi with the New Zealand flag on its bum. The four stars on the flag stay for the Southern Cross (starsign at night sky).

The only Waitomo Cave photo.

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