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No shark feeding?

Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2006

After we could not do the shark feeding yesterday for me it was quite natural that we will do it on Monday. I just hoped Glenn will stay that long with me. Finally he did but now I had another problem: we were not booked in for the shark feeding on Monday…it was catastrophic! I was really upset because since week I was looking forward to it and I was happy when Glenn offered to come with me. But as he always says: ‘No worries!’ or in Fijian: ‘Sega na lega!’ And he was right, in the end somebody called off and we both can go to the shark feeding tomorrow. That made my day:-) During the day we visited the Arts village again and had a good lunch and a smoothie and I had done some shopping. Here are the shops tourist friendly and most of them are open Sunday as well!

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