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One good reason for traveling alone!

Posted by Susanna On January - 6 - 2011

It was time to leave Santa Catalina. I had almost no cash anymore and I needed to keep going especially since I hoped to find a bit more excited places and a bit more after my taste. Since I don’t surf Santa Catalina had not that much to offer. The restaurants were expensive and the selection of foods small. Even the only shop in town was mostly empty. To buy some food was so lucky and only happens when you are exactly there when they deliver. The strange girl which what I shared a room with had started talking to me yesterday and she suggested we should travel together for a bit… “Why not?” I thought. It sounded good to me traveling with another girl even though I most of the time travel on my own. But as I and you will see I will be disabuse later… The girl named Nada was from Serbia and lived in Germany. She had left or lost her job – I can’t remember. She had been the opposite of easy going for my taste. And she tried to dominate. Either way I knew there were two buses very early in the morning in direction of the second largest city of Panama named David. But she supposedly had found out there were later buses so we could have enjoyed the time until noon at the beach. I believed her but the reality taught me something else! There were no buses anymore and we sat with all our bags on the streets waiting… She got mad at me since she could not handle the situation. But I found a taxi and could bargain a pretty cheap price to a place called Boca Chica what was on the way to David. US$20 for each of us. So the day seemed saved and she got back to a normal mood. We barely spoke at the drive. I simply enjoyed the luxury of driving in a car instead of a packed bus and I took photos of the famous Panamericana. That road connects Alaska over Central America down to the most southern city of South America – Ushuaia in Argentina. The Pan-American Highway is the world’s longest “motorable road”. However, because of the Darién Gap, it is not possible to cross between South America and Central America by traditional motor vehicle. The taxi driver said he was not going all the way to David today but he recommended us to stay on an island named Boca Brava close (2min boat ride for US$2) to Boca Chica. We arrived at a tiny marina at Boca Chica late and it already was dark. To make sure I knew how to leave the little island of Boca Brava where we were supposed to go and to find the Panamerican Highway back I was asking the taxi driver about it. But before he could even answer the strange girl acted crazy and weird shouting at me I should stop talking ‘all the time’ and that I annoy her and whatever else… I was shocked and surprised at the same time since we barely spoke a word on the drive and I just was good enough to buy her a bottle of water. I told her to hold back and to stop talking to me that way since she didn’t know me. I told her to behave. What a crazy attitude that woman had. In that moment I really wondered why she had even talked to me and suggested to travel for a while with me. And I regret – sometimes it is way better to be alone and happy than being surrounded by crazy, weird and damaged people. Especially when you travel you alway should choose carefully with whom you want to share the trip or if it might be better going alone and independently. But I had learned. Actually just as side info – since that moment she never had spoken a word to me anymore and she stayed three nights completely ignoring me. And well she was if I remember right 35 or 36years old – but behaved like a stupid stubborn child or worse.

Ahhh and until I forget it – the most annoying song of my trip! Had to hear it everywhere, literally everywhere in Ecuador and now also in Panama. The Panamerica reminded me about it. But listen yourself…

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