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Posted by Susanna On January - 14 - 2011

This was a very special day! With a friend I left cold and rainy ‘Lost and Found‘ looking so forward to the sun in David. We went down the hill and took the easy but longer way. It was raining again. But who cares I thought, will be in a warm bus in a bit! But No! Guess what, not even one public bus stopped for us. And it rained and rained. I was soaked to the bones. I started to freeze. I had not expected that public buses can deny to take you! Was it because we were two and there is not enough space?! Out of a sudden more two more traveler from ‘Lost and Found‘ arrived and I got worried. I told them to stay somewhere else since I imagined our chances get less and less with four people trying to get into the bus. We already stood for over an hour in the rain! As expected they were a bit annoyed but I really was sick of staying in the rain. My last bus attempt was even to stop one with jumping in front of it so it would have to stop or drive over me. The only thing I got out of this was a: “Loca!” and they kicked me out again… I decided to try to even stop cars and hitchhike… Lots of cars passed by but nobody took us… Maybe travelers had a bad reputation? For sure I knew that people who took people in the back of a truck had to pay a high fine of US$150! So surely nobody wanted to risk that… Then a truck stopped. It was loaded with the biggest plastic boxes you could imagine! Very big and blue and with a fitting lit to them. The driver offered us to hop in and as I understood he wanted to bring us to David if we would be quite and sit in the boxes. Very funny! That was what we did until he stopped after maybe 20min and told us to leave… Again back on the streets at least in the sun. After waiting another 20min finally a car stopped. It was a young Panamanian named Daniel with wife and kids. He offered us to drop us of in Bambu Hostal in David! Thx god!!! The saviour! After he had lunch with his family he came back to the car and ask if we had anything planned this weekend. Of course not! best place to buy cialis jelly “You want to see something else?” And he invited us to join him and his family to visit a privat island with lots to see…

Back at the hostel I found out two of my photos won the GCT competition for the calendar 2012. I am so happy but I know without my great friends I would not have made it! That’s why:

Thanks to everybody who had supported me for the contest of getting a month in the official Galapagos Conservation Trust calendar 2012! My photos won and I am delighted to tell you that sea lion and Galapagos hawk won. Therefore I will be in the calendar with two of my shots 🙂 Thanks to everybody who believed in me and took a few minutes to vote me! I am very lucky to have friends like you!

Leon Dormida - Sleeping sea lion at Lion Rock

Leon Dormido - Sleeping sea lion at Lion Rock

Galapagos hawk at Espanola Island

Galapagos hawk at Espanola Island

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  1. Nice blog , would of made the blog bit longer, loved reading it though.

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